Garth Hay

Garth Hay


Garth is a chartered professional fire engineer with a broad range of New Zealand and International design experience. His journey started with a Masters in Fire Engineering at the University of Canterbury to being a young Fire Engineer during the transition from the 1992 NZBC C-Clauses to the 2012 NZBC that we currently work under. Garth has since been successfully developing solutions with clients and design teams to the arising challenges, both technical and regulatory.

A proactive interest in effective communication and collaboration means Garth is always actively seeking to develop an elegant fire engineering design. Considering aesthetics, buildability and cost as well as understanding other discipline’s design constraints to find the best for project result.

Garth has experience in advanced smoke modelling, egress modelling, human behaviour and crowd evacuation, passive fire and fire engineering construction services. Working on major projects in airports, hospital, transportation infrastructure, stadia, theatres, residential and residential care. Garth is keen to embrace technological solutions to common problems, but sometimes the simplest answer is also the best.

Contact Garth:
Phone: 027 350 4013
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