Jen Tang

Jen Tang

Senior Fire Engineer

Jen started his Fire Engineering career early 2016 upon completion of his undergraduate engineering degree specialised in Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Auckland in 2015. Since then, Jen had also completed the Master of Engineering Studies endorsed in Fire Engineering at the University of Canterbury in 2020 while working full-time as a Fire Engineer. His part-time studies had enabled Jen to quickly upskill and leverage his understanding on fire engineering first principles that he was able to implement in his designs at work. These had included him carrying out advanced smoke and egress modelling while considering the human behavioural aspects to inform project stakeholders of key fire design requirements, so to satisfy code compliance as well as meeting the design brief.

His experiences to date involved working on various sectors including high-profile commercial buildings, educational facilities, residential (temporary and permanent) buildings and crowd facilities which had quite often required aspects outside of the prescriptive fire design solutions but instead using the performance-based design approach.

Through his career, Jen has also developed an in-depth understanding on passive fire safety which came about during his substantial involvement in risk assessment to existing buildings as well as construction monitoring for completed designs. Like many existing buildings where the level of passive fire safety is minimal to non-existent, Jen has quite often found himself to be undertaking challenging passive fire problems. Where the upgrade to full compliance is not always practicable, Jen had quite often seen the need to provide solutions not only from a passive fire standpoint but also from fire engineering first principles, as well as practicality and buildability.

His good understanding in both passive fire and fire engineering had also motivated Jen to be involved with working groups and providing input on industry wide passive fire problems as part of the Passive Fire Special Interest Group (SIG) by Fire Protection Association NZ (FPANZ).  

Jen is also currently working towards becoming a Chartered Member of Engineering New Zealand.

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