Any modern building must enable people to escape if there is a fire. The science behind designing safe buildings is called fire engineering. Expert fire engineers design buildings to enable safe evacuation and fire protection. Our advice affects the design and specification of services such as fire detection, fire suppression and also access for fire service appliances.

Our skills are based in an engineering training allied to a deep understanding of how smoke and fire behaves, how people behave when exposed to fires, and how protection systems work like fire alarms, sprinkler systems and fire detection.

We advise building owners, construction firms and architects on the best ways to build that are compliant with building codes. We also offer “peer review” services and check the work of other fire safety engineers under the New Zealand “performance-based-code” for fire safety.


Any building project whether new build or an alternation must be fire safety compliant to the New Zealand Building Code. The fire engineer works with the architect, structural and services engineers and the build contractor to ensure that the building’s fire safety provisions meet the building code and also the objectives of the building owner.

If you want to become a fire engineer, please investigate the University of Canterbury Postgraduate Programme which is suitable for Chemical, Civil, Mechanical or Electrical engineering graduates wishing to acquire a specialism in the growing fire safety industry.

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