Passive Fire Protection

Passive fire protection is about the use of building elements and fire stopping products to create effective fire separations to contain the spread of fire within the enclosure of fire origin, for the protection of life and property from fire.

This covers a wide range of the construction of a building, from protection of the building structure and the correct joining of construction elements to form continuous fire separations, to fire stopping of service penetrations with the right products through fire separations.

Retrofits of existing buildings throughout New Zealand, including the refurbishment of leaky buildings, has in recent years uncovered widespread issues with passive fire construction. Poor and defective passive fire design and construction can allow fire and smoke to spread throughout a building or compromise the building structural adequacy, therefore impinging the fire safety of a building. This presents a serious risk to building occupants egressing in a fire situation, as the fire separations that were meant to protect them may not offer the level of protection required.

Drawing from our experience and knowledge of passive fire systems and our working relationships with manufacturers and suppliers of passive fire systems, Crossfire is equipped to assist in passive fire design from concept stage all the way to consent and tender stages. Crossfire are also equipped to provide construction monitoring to verify the passive fire construction is installed as required, enabling us to assist right through to practical completion.